My sister is an AMAZING fourth grade teacher, and a mom to two beautiful girls. She’s created some amazing, thoughtful, thorough lesson plans for the LDS church’s new study-at-home series: Come Follow Me. She says:

So…I might’ve gotten a *little* too excited when they announced the new Come Follow Me program for families since it combines my 3 favorite things (my family, teaching, and Jesus) and couldn’t wait to try to figure out how to teach it to our super young girls. My husband and I came up with some ideas using different pictures and activities and figured we’d share. Just a few things about it:

*They’re geared toward our young girls (4 years old and 1 1/2 years old….not sure if our 1 1/2 year old will get much out of them if I’m being honest, but here’s to hoping!) I totally understand if your kids are older and these activities aren’t useful to your family.

*We’ve skipped some of the parts in the Come Follow Me lessons to focus on mainly what our own family needs, so make sure you still read through the lessons yourself to see if there are other concepts you think your family might need. For example, some of the lessons talked about Elias and the Joseph Smith translation, but we felt like these topics would just confuse our girls since they’re so young and distract them from the main points, but if they were a little older, those would definitely be things we’d want to spend time explaining to them.

*Feel free to use these plans however is best for you and the kids you’re teaching. You can try to fit a whole lesson into a day or two or spread the different parts of the lesson throughout the whole week. Since my husband has a crazy work schedule this year, we usually have one big lesson on Sundays (or sometimes we continue the lesson on Monday if it’s a longer one), and then just do plain scripture reading on the other weekdays. It could be beneficial to spread them out more though.

New plans will be posted to this page, so come back often!

If there’s anything useful in these that you’d like to use, or even better, if they help get you thinking about your own specific ideas for ways to help teach your family, then great! I would love to hear any ideas any of you have come up with as well, comment below!

– Mitz

Come Follow Me Lesson Plan // May 20-26, 2019
Come Follow Me Lesson Plan // 2019