You guys! I am so excited about the BreastCardEver! I paint with breast milk (it’s weird, I know!) to help NICU babies get … breast milk!


I use the few drops left in the bottle after you pump. Let’s not waste this liquid gold! The white on white doesn’t show until you bake it in the oven (400 for 3-5 minutes). Then I scan and print onto greeting cards. Every card you buy helps a NICU baby get human milk.

The BreastCardEver gives me the opportunity to combine two of my passions: making art, and feeding babies. When the mother’s own milk isn’t an option, screened donor milk is the next best option. Donor milk costs a lot to process, and since many (including me) aren’t able to donate milk, donating cash is the next best way to help process the milk, and get it to those babies.

Worried about the BreastCardEver containing breast milk? Don’t stress! They’re copied on a milk-free printer! Only the originals (never sold) contain milk.

Read the BreastCardEver FAQs, my cause, then find your favorite design and buy a stack! Check back often, I’m making more every day! Buy a card. Feed a baby.

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Check out all the designs in my etsy shop.