What to do when 5 bags of Breast Milk are about to go bad.

Don’t cry over spilt milk. Unless it is breast milk. Then cry as long as you want. Then figure out a plan. So it wasn’t spilt milk in this case, but 5 bags left out overnight. At least they were in a cooler, but now had a 24 hour expiration date, instead of 6 months. […]

Summer 2022 Art Class: Tiny Studios

A 6-week course to learn and make art. Projects include:WatercolorClayFaux stained glassAcrylic canvasesSand paintingPaper quillingTiny studio construction Classes are for ages 6+ Taught in Ogden, Utah on Friday afternoons for June and July. Hi, I’m Em! I’ve taught tiny art to 40 elementary students in a gym (whew!), and have a Master’s degree in Education. […]

Put it baaaaaack.

My sis needed a remote control holder for her airbnb. When you remove the remotes, the inside back panel says “put it baaaaaack” haha. We think we’re funny.

2020 Review // The year of all years

W.H.E.W. I KNOW I’m not the only one saying that about 2020. So. Much. You’re all well aware of the traumatic and sad things that happened. They were real. They were hard. I cried, I researched, I learned, I felt a lot of pain.  I do NOT want to minimize the pain of last year. […]

2019 Review!

You. All. Rock. My. World. Thanks to your support and generosity, we were able to donate over $800 to the Mother’s Milk Bank at Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation!! That money goes directly to fragile babies who need lifesaving, nourishing breastmilk. Human milk is so critical during the first few days of life. Here are some […]

Farmhouse Style Wedding Guestbook Sign

Step 1: Buy cheap lumber from Lowes/Home Depot: 4″ Strips of wood Qty: 2 strips, cut to 31.5″ each. 6 strips total for the background. 2″ x8′ Strips of wood Qty: 2 strips, 2 cut to 31.5″, the next 2 cut to the height of your sign (line them up, then make a pencil mark). […]

A Shirt for the Man who has Everything. Made from drawings by his kids.

Me (in my most annoying big sister voice): Draw an iconic Hawaii thing in Sharpie and send me a pic! I’m making a gift for Dad (who lives in Hawaii, and is a minimalist, and has everything he could ever need). My siblings and nieces (with very little grumbling): Me after many hours in Illustrator: […]

Wedding Things

Over the past decade (when did I start evaluating my life by decade!?), I’ve made a few wedding things. I’m finally showing them off here for you to all “ooh-and-ahh” over. Please. I mean, I don’t want to sound desperate, but I love the encouragement. 😉 Annie’s: Wedding Invitation: Sparkly paper WIN!!! To mail these, […]

Arts Integration Lesson Plans for K-4

Hey guys! I’m getting a Master’s in Education! And it’s one of the most fun things I’ve done. For real. I love learning. One of my classes is “Arts Integration” so duh. It is inspiring, enjoyable, memorable. All the things I hope to bring as a teacher one day. One of my assignments for the […]

Eric Carle meets Rosa Parks meets Photoshop, a Story of how Art Heals me.

This comes from a place deep in my heart, much like my love art did. Someone recently called me racist, and it hit me way hard! Like, couldn’t sleep, hard. I’ll spare you the details, because the whole thing was so unreal. Moral of the story: ignore the haters; look at intent; be nice. I […]

2018 In Review – Dr. Seuss Style

  Did you hear about the one thousand and ten dollars we raised? We donated it to a Health Foundation that helps out newborn babes. You see, the foundation runs a Mother’s Milk Bank. For all the work they do for kids, they deserve a giant thank. So many babies face illness or are premature, needing […]

Felt Sticks to Felt!!!

And cuteness sticks to these kids! And command strips come off your wall easily without damage (they’re included!) And I can’t get over how cute these kids are! Head on over to @modernfarmhousefamily to check out this adorable family. But seriously!! How cute are these kids. And how talented is the photographer!! In love. ❀ […]

Los Colores! Spanish/English Color Poster Printable

My 5YO got into dual immersion Kindergarten! I’m so excited for her! I decided to do “Spanish Kids Night’ once a week so she’s not overwhelmed when she starts. I hope DI opens doors for her later in her life. We did colors last week, and learned an AWESOME color song in Spanish! It’s sung […]

How I got my Product Viewed 180,000 Times on Pinterest.

  What’s the best way to get your Pinterest views up to the hundreds of thousands? Millions? There are a few ways. But the only 2 important steps are: 1. Make a product. 2. Pin it. That’s it. You’re done. You’re going to be a millionaire in no time. Okay, okay, chances are, if you’re reading […]

Look what we did in 2017!

Holy smokes! You guys made 2017 AMAZING!! You bought felt walls, you bought prints of sloths, you bought greeting cards painted with breast milk (it’s weird, I know)! You placed orders from January through December; from down the street and across the globe. Add it all up and what do you get? One phenomenal year. […]