Thanks to your support and generosity, we were able to donate over $800 to the Mother’s Milk Bank at Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation!! That money goes directly to fragile babies who need lifesaving, nourishing breastmilk. Human milk is so critical during the first few days of life. Here are some stories that will make you bawl!

Seriously, you’re my heroes!! Now let’s get even more to them in 2020.

Y’all bought over 150 oceans and rainbows:

You inspired me to design more clothing:

And you ate up the frog/plumeria tropical leggings!! 😍😍😍

You requested (and I made) 3 new felt wall designs:

Noah’s Ark & The Human Body & Polar Play

What’s that you say, Photoshop?! I totally don’t Photoshop my daughter into multiple pictures.*

Help me out? I’d love to share your photos of your kiddos enjoying their felt wall in exchange for some awesome stuff! Send me a DM at @feltwalltoys.

*Yeah. I do.

And … Coasters!!

I am currently offering three designs with shoutouts to Puerto Ricans, gamers and (randomly, but not that randomly, because my brother is one) dentists! I am taking custom requests.

Thank you for your kind reviews.

Thank you for your orders.

Thank you for supporting my family, and tiny babies in NICUs across the country.

I love you.