Sometimes my projects are more clutzy than crafty. Okay, let’s be honest, there doesn’t even need to be a project involved for the clutz to show.

I was holding the car door funny while I shut it. OWWWW. Black thumbnail, and TONS of pain. The progression of the wound is very interesting to me, especially the last 2 days when a big chunk just fell off and an almost normal nail was behind it. Our bodies are freaking incredible.

After 10 hours, I kind of wanted to cut my thumb off. So. Much. Pain. I did a bunch of research on what a US instacare does/charges for this. Then consulted a bunch of friends with similar experiences. Then went to a facebook wood-working group who told me to drill a hole in it. (WHAT THE ACTUAL!?) But pain. And $200 to save. So I twisted a drill bit into my nail, and I’m so glad I did.


Here’s to more crafts, more smashed thumbs, and more healing.