BreastCardEver - Well Thanks

I’m a little nervous to put this into the universe, but it’s so awesome, I have to. Go easy, haters.

I learned that you can paint beautiful things with milk. And since I love making prints without a computer, I was totally going to do it. Then my genius hubs said “Would it work with breast milk?” And since I’m Breast-feeding this beautiful girl:


I got SOO stupid excited to try! And it worked!! Well, it worked, after a few horrible sketches, and a TON of ironing. Seriously, it takes forever. Iron, iron, iron.

Breast milk thank you cards

After this first exciting run of art, I started creating more and more cards, until I had a whole shop full of the BreastCardEver!


Don’t worry, if you decide to be a small-business supporter, and buy a card or two from me, you’re not actually buying my breast milk! After the painting is finished, I scan it, then print them on a milk-free printer.

But wait, there’s more! Every purchase helps feed a baby human milk!


I’m a big advocate of normalizing breastfeeding, and want to help where it isn’t possible. Your purchase helps feed an infant, with a monetary donation to a milk bank. Win-win. Want to know more? Read the BreastCardEver FAQs.