I’m confused. What is a BreastCardEver?

It’s a greeting card that supports NICU babies that need human milk. Did you know that 90% of donated human milk goes to premature or ill babies? Every sale helps feed a baby!

How did you come up with this idea?

A pin popped up in my Pinterest feed – did you know you can paint with cow’s milk!? It’s a thing. When I told my amazingly supportive hubs, he asked if it would work with breast milk. After some trial and error, we made it work, and have been having TONS of fun since. I also wanted to use breast milk as a conversation starter about the need for human milk in NICUs. The cards are originally painted with ¼ tsp breast milk, then scanned and printed on a milk-free printer.

Why paint with breast milk!?

Two reasons: first, to bring attention to the cause, helping NICU babies get human milk. Second, why not? Here’s an infographic to help you decide if you should paint with breast milk.

How much milk do you use to paint the cards?

You know the drops left in the bottles after you pump? That much! Since the cards are copied from the painted originals, no milk is wasted.

What milk bank do you donate to?

RMCHF Mothers’ Milk Bank

What do they do with the money?

It costs $4 per oz to process the milk donated by the wonderful mamas out there. The money helps screen donors, process the milk, then ship it to babies in need.

You’ll do anything for attention!

Well, probably not anything. I hope any attention can bring awareness to the need for human donor milk. I live to create. I love sharing my creations. I hope that they can be a conversation starter for something bigger!

Where can I buy a BreastCardEver?

On my Etsy shop.