Montessori Rainbow Letters Felt Alphabet Felt Wall (Giant Quiet Book)



Felt sticks to felt! And it’s the perfect hold for toddlers to move rainbow letters and numbers around easily. Help kids learn to read, write and spell with this giant quiet book. Felt Walls make it fun and easy to learn a new language – Spanish, French, German, etc.

Tthis felt wall is perfect for helping children learn to read, write, and spell. It encourages tactile learning, helps to refine cognitive skills helps develops hand-eye coordination, and refines small motor movements.



♥ Felt background – approx. 3×3 ft.
♥ Command strips for hanging
♥ 12 sets of rainbow numbers
♥ 12 sets of rainbow letters


♥♥♥ Your purchase helps feed an infant, with a donation to a milk bank. Read more about it!


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