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The 3 cutest monsters you’ll see today. Fun kid craft.


Some days I make time to do fun things with my babies. Today was one of those days.


We made monsters!! And they’re super versatile. Did you know that felt sticks to felt! And it’s the perfect hold for toddlers to move all the legs and arms and eyes around to build wonderful creations! I LOVE watching my babies and their imaginations. We’ve come up with some pretty fun guys.
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Holy Moly! Look what we did!

You bought 350 crafts from EmIsCrafty in November 2015, and together we sent $700 to help new mamas and babies get human milk! The money went to the Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation (RMCHF), Mothers’ Milk Bank (MMB). It’s all part of the cause, and I can’t wait to see what we do in December!! Thank you to everyone who bought a craft! Thank you to everyone who helped make crafts (family, neighbors, friends, and fellow etsy sellers)! Thank you to the supportive hubs who helped package crafts until it was almost time to go to work the next day. I love you all!!


November best seller:


Other crafts from Em:

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12 Facts About Micro-Preemies, Preemies and Full-Term Babies

Did you know that a micro preemie sometimes eats only 1 oz of milk a day!!? That means in 8 days, they’ll have consumed 1 cup of milk! I am lucky enough to have 2 full-term babies that eat much more than that. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky, and I wanted to find a way to help. Keep reading to learn more about micro preemies, and learn about my cause!

micropreemie preemie fullterm baby facts

What is a micro preemie?

A baby born before 26 weeks or weighing less than one pound, 12 ounces is considered a micro preemie. Sometimes, this definition includes babies weighing less than Continue reading “12 Facts About Micro-Preemies, Preemies and Full-Term Babies”

Lots of Indians died. Lots of Turkeys died. But don’t worry. I won’t kill you. Happy Thanksgiving.

That’s what my sister told me to put on my thanksgiving cards hahah! She is hilarious. Perhaps it isn’t appropriate for a greeting card? So this instead. 🙂

An addition to the BreastCardEver series, this turkey helps you say ‘Happy Thanksgiving!” Then it helps a NICU baby get human milk!

happy thanksgiving card - turkey design

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The BreastCardEver helps NICU babies get human milk! Read all about the BreastCardEver.

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Printable also helps NICU babies get human milk! Read all about the cause.

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Infographic to help decide if you should paint with breast milk.

Have you ever asked yourself if you should use oil paint, a sharpie, or breast milk to make art? Wait, you haven’t? Oh. Well, I realize this is a little weird! It’s kind of an extreme form of art. But it’s okay! Because it’s all going to a greater cause: getting human milk to NICU babies in need! Buy a card, feed a baby.

Should you paint with breast milk? Infographic

Still want to know more about the BreastCardEver? Read the FAQs! Then buy a card today from my Etsy shop!


The Ana Bear!

EEE! The Ana bear is the cutest! We’re all going to be Brave characters this year for Halloween! Jess and I will be Merida (you can never have too many princesses!) And Papi and Ana are going to be bears. I hired my crafty friend Whitney to do the crocheting for the Ana Bear, so this post should be called WhitneyIsCrafty. Seriously, she’s got crochet skills.

anabear1 | crochet bear halloween costume infant hat

The Jess bear had to test out Papi’s outfit for him.


Can’t wait to update this with a pic of all of us in our costumes, we’re going to be adorable!

DIY! Products used:

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Sarcastic or Sincere? You Decide. And Good Luck With That!

New baby? New promotion? Friend who has decided to date a coworker? Tell them ‘good luck’ with the latest BreastCardEver.

goodluck | BreastCardEver

The BreastCardEver helps NICU babies get human milk! Read all about the BreastCardEver.

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How to be a Fox for Halloween

The super-easy, ready-to-go, last-minute Halloween costume. Buy a costume, feed a baby! Your purchase helps a NICU baby get human milk!

How to be a fox

Buy the ears:

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I Used 1/4 Teaspoon Breast Milk to Make a ‘Thank You!’ Greeting Card

BreastCardEver - Well Thanks

I’m a little nervous to put this into the universe, but it’s so awesome, I have to. Go easy, haters.

I learned that you can paint beautiful things with milk. And since I love making prints without a computer, I was totally going to do it. Then my genius hubs said “Would it work with breast milk?” Continue reading “I Used 1/4 Teaspoon Breast Milk to Make a ‘Thank You!’ Greeting Card”

DIY Inexpensive Canvas Print

How to build an inexpensive canvas print.


Step 1: Have cute kids.

Step 2: Find an amazing photographer like Sara Lleverino. Continue reading “DIY Inexpensive Canvas Print”

BreastCardEver FAQs

I’m confused. What is a BreastCardEver?

It’s a greeting card that supports NICU babies that need human milk. Did you know that 90% of donated human milk goes to premature or ill babies? Every sale helps feed a baby! Continue reading “BreastCardEver FAQs”

Kitchen Bar Thingy with Hooks. To Hang Things.

I’m really good at writing, as the title of this post obviously shows. Okay, okay, I’m much better with pictures. Hence my real gigs doing graphic design. 🙂 So let’s just keep this post to pics:


Made from:

Stuffie Zoo!

Let’s pretend this is not for me to have an organized, cute house. Let’s pretend it’s for my kids to have a fun childhood. 🙂 Thank you pinterest, how did people survive motherhood before you?

zoo-finished Continue reading “Stuffie Zoo!”

Kitchen Remodel!!


Haha, okay I thought I could do this in a day. I shared my hopes and dreams with my family, they laughed. Supportively. Then I realized it would take about 3 days. 2 weeks later, we finished. HUGE credit to hubs for his patience, mom for her painting and babysitting help, and bro Jake for just knowing how to do everything. Seriously, even how to start a business selling hammocks.

15 easy steps (give or take, I probably missed like 9 steps):

  1. Pretend you can do things (this is the secret to everything).

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Utah’s Spiral Jetty, Framed Art

Utah’s Spiral Jetty, so pretty!

<p>Robert Smithson, <i>Spiral Jetty</i>, 1970. © Holt-Smithson Foundation/Licensed by<br>VAGA, New York. Photo: George Steinmetz</p>
Robert Smithson, Spiral Jetty, 1970. © Holt-Smithson Foundation/Licensed by VAGA, New York. Photo: George Steinmetz

My pops is a big outdoor guy, always takes us on fun adventures. So for a gift, we made him some art to put on his wall. He always pretends he likes our art, even when it’s horrible. 🙂

Spiral Jetty Art

The Scariest Monster, easy Toddler Boredom-Killer.

These are the elaborate crafts we’re doing these days. 🙂

Scary monster kids craft

Rockstar Baby Shower Invitation

Having a baby and naming him Axel? Or Tori? My friend Jenn is, so we made her a rockstar invitation to her shower!

Get your own customized, printable version to print on your own printer, or send to a local printer:

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World Continents. In Felt. For Toddlers or Ignorant Adults.


We know the continents! And we’ve color-coded this set to Montessori. My girls love putting up the labels and continents on the big blue ocean. Did you know felt sticks to felt so nicely? Just the right amount of hold to stay, and not fall, but loose enough that they can easily move around.

Crafts from Em Is Crafty

DIY type? Buy the pattern and make it yourself! Get felt (on bolts or by the sheet) from your local craft store, or Amazon (I ❤ Amazon!)


Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl going to the bathroom?

Because the P is silent!


Crafts from Em Is Crafty

What did the earth say to the sun?

You’re the light of my life. ❤


Crafts from Em Is Crafty

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