heart felt

This lovely (and anatomically correct!) felt heart wall hanging, was created for a friend who recently had heart surgery. Luckily, everything went great with his surgery and he’s recovering! And, of course Emily HAD to make him the perfect present — it is both thoughtful and incredibly useful for explaining, to those of us who are less-than-familiar with the finer details of the cardiovascular system, what he had to have done.

heart felt twoIf you don’t happen to know someone who just had heart surgery (which is really, probably for the best), this felt piece is also great for teaching kids (and adults) about human anatomy!

My niece is almost three and is curious about EVERYTHING around her right now! So, not only is this mess-free toy a great way to keep her entertained, but she can also move the pieces around and explore the human heart’s many different layers.


Anyone who knows me, knows that I am passionate about science (especially getting more women in science). So, I do everything I can to spark that scientific curiosity while kids are young!

There are so many amazing kid-safe things out there to get kids conducting their own experiments, learning about biology or the solar system. Here are two that really stood out to me!

science box

The first is the Dinologia handmade science kit. This kit gets kids playing and learning about dinos and, extra bonus, they can test out their new knowledge when playing on the dino felt wall.



The other toy I love is the mini-science box! It is SUPER simple and offers a range of activities for kids and grown-ups to try together.

These are some of my favorites; what are your favorite science toys or kits for the little ones in your life?