Halloween is just around the corner! I know that I am an adult, but I still love dressing up every year. What I don’t love is having extra “junk” leftover from Halloween (or any holiday for that matter). This is especially true now that I occupy a tiny apartment with almost no storage space.

So, this year, I am opting for a minimalist Halloween costume! I’m sure everyone has different definitions, but in my book this means I am going to be buying one or two small items that I can pair with things that I already have.

Since the main Halloween party we are going to this year is at my husband’s school and its mascot is a dog, I’m leaning toward getting these dog ears for the both of us. Or maybe these Pikachu ears.

 Easy Minimalist Dog Ear Halloween Costume    Pikachu Easy Halloween Costume - Ear headband

But, while looking for different ideas, I found a TON of cute things on Etsy that meet my requirements of “minimalism” and are way more creative than Jim Halpert’s “Facebook” attempt. While I think we will be “dawgs” for the sake of practicality and school spirit, I’m still seriously tempted by these six adorable costumes.

nerdgeekNerd/Geek Tank Top

I think this tank top is AWE-SOME, not only is it a built-in costume, but it is cute enough that you could wear it throughout the year. Or, at least I would.

Wonder Woman

wonder woman.jpg

After seeing Wonder Woman, I was dead set that I wanted to be her for Halloween. So, I still might get this head band and arm bands if I can find that right things to pair them with! And of course, you can’t forget the lasso.



I was a unicorn for Halloween when I was in Kindergarten and it was (and still is) one of my favorite costumes EVER.

Dinosaur Cape


OK, I know this is made mostly for kids, but really??? Who doesn’t want to be a dinosaur!?

Wayne from Wayne’s World

wayne's world

This is the most minimalist of all the minimalist costumes. Throw on some grungy jeans, add the hat and party on.


fairy headband

I love this crown because you can pair it with any cute/nice dress that you have and be good to go. I LOVE dressing up, so anything that gives me an excuse to wear some of my favorite dresses gets an A+++!

minimalist halloween costume ideas



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