How to build an inexpensive canvas print.


Step 1: Have cute kids.

Step 2: Find an amazing photographer like Sara Lleverino.

Step 3: Become giddy when you see the AMAZING shots your photographer takes.

Step 4: Upload files to spoonflower (at 150 ppi).

Step 5: Order 1 yard of Cotton Linen Canvas.

Step 6: Buy 1x2x8 wood (or whatever size you want) from Home Depot – Screw together into a rectangle. Mine is about 32×40″.

Step 7: “Stretch” the canvas by stapling it to the back of the wood frame.

Step 8: Fold the corners over like you’re wrapping a gift and staple.

Step 9: Hang and admire. ❤

Option B: Spend $150 plus to have someone else do it. 🙂

Option C: Buy blank canvas frames from Michaels, stretch new prints over existing canvas.