In the latest Wildcat, we missed a little stat about a guy who won a national championship in 1968. Instead of getting angry, Darol called us out in a joking manner, and said he expects a full reprint with his beautiful mug on the cover. He sent the picture to be included, haha.

Can’t say no to a fun request like that! Of course re-printing 80,000 magazines is way out of the question, so our team got together and decided to print him a special edition.

Custom Magazine Cover
Original magazine, image our champion sent in, special edition magazine cover, fans included this time around.

He rated it a 12 on a 10-scale, and laughed for 15 minutes, he told us in an email. Which made us all smile. Yet another reason I love my job, love design, love smiling, love doing fun things for nice people. 🙂