This should really go on the blog “Em’s DAD is crafty.” He’s the brains behind this operation. 🙂

I went on a bike ride, got a flat. Again. Fixed it again. Took it for a test drive. Came back with 2 flats. *#()$*&. So done with flat tires. The expert offered his help, I accepted.

How to never ever ever ever get a flat tire again. Works on bike tires, trailer tires, and more.

Never ever get a flat bike tire again.


  • New thick tubes with slime inside.
  • $3 bike repair kit with levers to remove tire from rim
  • Old used tubes from a bike shop. Some thick, some thin, some with slime, some without. Whatever they can spare.


  1. Trim used tubes in half so that only the outside section remains. This will be a barrier between new tube and tire. The outside part of the tube is thicker, so keep that piece if you can. It doesn’t matter if it has patches or holes or anything. No air will be in this part.
  2. Insert trimmed tube into tire, overlapping by an inch or so. It helps if you can get old used tubes that are bigger than your real tubes. You can also use 2 pieces and overlap in 2 places. Insert new tube and inflate as you normally would.