And I really do mean sketchy. I’ve been attending sketchbook skool, and learning tons of great stuff form artists like Tommy Kane, Jane Lefazio (omg, what a character!), and more. So tell me world, how can I improve my skills? In particular, the people’s faces. The one is so bad, I can’t even post the face. I can’t.

My sister challenged us to do a week of service. And I watched a TED talk that discussed the value of gratitude journaling. I documented my week in sketch form. I’m starting with this, so you can see how bad my facial drawings are. :/ Help. Sorry Annie, I promise you’re much cuter than depicted here.

Sketch - week of service

Close up of eye isn’t so bad, right??

Eyeball sketch

Here’s another face. Serendipitously, it at least looks like an exaggerated caricature. A little bit. Right? Help.

Pencil sketch. Baby vs. Mami.

Maybe I should stick to organics. As a friend points out, if your tomato is malformed, you can at least say, ‘Yes, it is. The model was too. I just drew what I saw.’ But organics are pretty boring for me to draw.

Organic sketch - pinecone & tomoto

Oh this poor baby. She desperately needs a face. Help.

sketch - need to get better at drawing faces!!

I’m actually pretty content with Veloc. Maybe because no one knows what a veloc actually looks like, so any drawing will do.

velociraptor dinosaur sketch

Last image. I see this guy most days on my way home from work. He has the greatest style. Bell bottoms, baggy sweaters, sometimes a button up grungy shirt. Awesome shades and hat. I’ve always loved this sign, which I’ve seen a few people holding on the street. Anything is a blessing. Great message. Anyway, his proportions feel a bit off. Help.

Watercolor of homeless dude. Anything is a blessing.