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You guys, THANK YOU. Seriously.

To everyone of you that has bought a BreastCardEver, a felt wall, a printable. That has liked my posts, shared a story, or requested custom greeting cards. That has supported me emotionally through mom life and small business life.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Look what we did!!

Thank you. 2016 donations

We sent $880 to the Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation – Mother’s Milk Bank in 2016. And it’s all because of your support. You are the best. I love you.

Zombie Monster Pillow

Sometimes you just need to make a zombie monster pillow. And this is how it’s done. šŸ™‚

Zombie Monster Pillow

And here is the final cute zombie product! I think for the next one, I’ll use ping pong balls for the eyes, so they really look like zombie eyes!

Zombie Monster Pillow

The Nicest Wildcat.

In the latest Wildcat, we missed a little stat about a guy who won a national championship in 1968. Instead of getting angry, DarolĀ called us out in a joking manner, and said he expects a full reprint with his beautiful mugĀ on the cover. He sent the picture to be included, haha.

Can’t say no to a fun request like that! Of courseĀ re-printing 80,000 magazines is way out of the question, so our team got together and decided to print him a special edition.

Custom Magazine Cover
Original magazine, image our championĀ sent in, special edition magazine cover, fans included this time around.

HeĀ rated it a 12 on a 10-scale, and laughed for 15 minutes, he told us in an email. Which made us all smile. Yet another reason I love my job, love design, love smiling, love doing fun things for nice people. šŸ™‚

How to never ever ever ever get a flat bike tire again.

This should really go on the blog “Em’s DAD is crafty.” He’s the brains behind this operation. šŸ™‚

I went on a bike ride, got a flat. Again. Fixed it again. Took it for a test drive. Came back with 2 flats. *#()$*&. So done with flat tires.Ā The expert offered his help, I accepted.

How to never ever ever ever get a flat tire again.Ā Works on bike tires, trailer tires, and more.

Never ever get a flat bike tire again.


  • New thick tubes with slime inside.
  • $3 bike repair kit with levers to remove tire from rim
  • Old used tubes from a bike shop. Some thick, some thin, some with slime, some without. Whatever they can spare.


  1. Trim used tubes in half so that only the outside section remains. This will be a barrier between new tube and tire. The outside part of the tube is thicker, so keep that piece if you can. It doesnā€™t matter if it has patches or holes or anything. No air will be in this part.
  2. Insert trimmed tube into tire, overlapping by an inch or so. It helps if you can get old used tubes that are bigger than your real tubes. You can also use 2 pieces and overlap in 2 places. Insert new tube and inflate as you normally would.

Most epic response to a pop-up card. Ever.

My sister loves pop-up cards. It’s a recent discovery. So sometimes when I’m making cards, I make an extra pop-up one just for her. Like I did in January:


Sent, forgotten. Then one day I received this in the mail:


I laughed for a few hours. Seriously! I could not stop laughing. My baby just stared at me as if asking ‘what is wrong with you.’ Look at the rigorous scoring rubric!! Haha, I’ll never stop laughing at this.

I HAVE to keep this going. Assuming I was the only entry for the HJPUCC, I’d like to have some competition for February. This is where I need your help. Let’s bombard her mailbox with entries to the HFPUCC!

Pop-Up Card Contest Instructions


To enter the contest, please send a pop-up card and entry form to:


Entry Form is below (you can print, or just write the info on a piece of paper).

Entry can be as simple or complex as you would like. Here are a few examples:

Simple popup card

Deluxe popup card

Deluxe popup card

Entry Form:


Thanks and good luck!
Email with questions!

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