You guys, THANK YOU. Seriously.

To everyone of you that has bought a BreastCardEver, a felt wall, a printable. That has liked my posts, shared a story, or requested custom greeting cards. That has supported me emotionally through mom life and small business life. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Look what we did!! We sent $880 to the Rocky […]

Zombie Monster Pillow

Sometimes you just need to make a zombie monster pillow. And this is how it’s done. 🙂 And here is the final cute zombie product! I think for the next one, I’ll use ping pong balls for the eyes, so they really look like zombie eyes!

The Nicest Wildcat.

In the latest Wildcat, we missed a little stat about a guy who won a national championship in 1968. Instead of getting angry, Darol called us out in a joking manner, and said he expects a full reprint with his beautiful mug on the cover. He sent the picture to be included, haha. Can’t say no to […]

How to never ever ever ever get a flat bike tire again.

This should really go on the blog “Em’s DAD is crafty.” He’s the brains behind this operation. 🙂 I went on a bike ride, got a flat. Again. Fixed it again. Took it for a test drive. Came back with 2 flats. *#()$*&. So done with flat tires. The expert offered his help, I accepted. How […]

Most epic response to a pop-up card. Ever.

My sister loves pop-up cards. It’s a recent discovery. So sometimes when I’m making cards, I make an extra pop-up one just for her. Like I did in January: Sent, forgotten. Then one day I received this in the mail: I laughed for a few hours. Seriously! I could not stop laughing. My baby just […]

Pop-Up Card Contest Instructions

To enter the contest, please send a pop-up card and entry form to: Entry Form is below (you can print, or just write the info on a piece of paper). Entry can be as simple or complex as you would like. Here are a few examples: Entry Form: Thanks and good luck! Email with […]