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Kitchen Remodel!!


Haha, okay I thought I could do this in a day. I shared my hopes and dreams with my family, they laughed. Supportively. Then I realized it would take about 3 days. 2 weeks later, we finished. HUGE credit to hubs for his patience, mom for her painting and babysitting help, and bro Jake for just knowing how to do everything. Seriously, even how to start a business selling hammocks.

15 easy steps (give or take, I probably missed like 9 steps):

  1. Pretend you can do things (this is the secret to everything).

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Toddler-Friendly Felt Christmas Tree.

Toddler = pint-size dictator with the uncanny ability to push you towards utter insanity (theStir). I am NOT putting up a real tree with electricity and string lights. 🙂

Instead? This toddler-friendly Christmas tree.

Felt Christmas Tree for Toddler

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Beautiful Homemade Crafty Granola. Even the packaging.

“I want to try your ‘granola bars’ aka cookies,” said my lil bro Jake. As my family kindly points out, I can’t just do things simply – throw some on a plate and call it good. Oh no. I have to make a cute little box to package them in, wrap them individually. You know, make beautiful things, even if few people see it. 🙂 It brings me joy.

granola bars aka cookies

Upcycled Soda Can Earrings – DIY

Baby got HFMD last week. 😦 She was miserable, and I quarantined her to the house. No family reunion for us, which meant a little time for crafting.

I’ve always had a hard time finding cute red earrings. So I wanted to make some. My wardrobe consists of a lot of purple, because of my day job, so I wanted some of that too.

I started by staining some balsa-wood I cut down to earring size.

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Is this my favorite graduation gift ever?

Yes! Because it’s cash … packaged uniquely. A money-lei. Why wasn’t this a thing when I got my bachelor’s degree? Does someone want to get me one even though I graduated forever ago?

Graduation Gift - Cash Lei

Graduation Gift - Cash Lei

And seriously. Look how awesome my brother is getting his Master’s degree. Before he got to Dental School, he said, ‘meh, guess I’ll get a Master’s degree.’ In a year. Rockstar Brother.

Custom Graduation Gift - Cash Lei


Option to buy available during graduation season (April – July).

My Clumsy Mom gets an Indestructible Recipe Book

My cute mom is a self-proclaimed klutz. As in, move so quickly, you accidentally throw the cook book in the oven with the meal, type-of-klutz. On the plus side, she gets many things done, quickly. Well, the cook book thing has happened more than once. And even when it doesn’t, it ends up looking like this: Continue reading “My Clumsy Mom gets an Indestructible Recipe Book”

How to get a 7-month old to write letters

We love sending hand-written letters to people! Only problem: my 7 month old baby is just not that great at it yet. Or maybe she is. She just needs a little help. What she is super great at, is knowing when my phone camera is on. It’s a skill, I’ll never understand. Anyway, we wanted to write some letters to our family, so we pulled out the cards and pen. Got situated in our writing position, and away we went. Well, eventually. Check it out. Here is the final result:

Crafty 7 month old writes hand-written letter

And here is the process:

See? Very little help needed. She’s perfect. Or I’m obsessed. Let’s go with the first. 🙂

[10.20.13 Edit] Jess received the CUTEST response, thanks Joey!!


For those times when you are REALLY grateful.

Sometimes someone does something for you that is huge and super and wonderful, and it makes your life even more awesome. And when they do it, you want to tell them thanks, but that Hallmark card just ain’t gonna cut it. What do you do? I’ll tell you what you do. You make an expandable folding card to show that you are very grateful. Like this:

Thank you card

And then you send it off in the mail to let them know that you are capable of sending a hand-written letter in the age of digital. They’ll appreciate it, my mama told me so.

$4 + $1 shipping


Too much $? Buy the printable thank you card.

Baptism Gift – Custom Journal

My cute cute cousin Maddie just got baptized! Look how cute she is – awww!

And I wanted to get her a cute baptism gift. What to get for a cute little 8 year old LDS girl? On a budget? In a time crunch? I decided to make her a journal. Not just any journal, a customized journal, with a scripture on it. I also gave her some nail polish, so I wanted the scripture to be  something about sparkly or shiny, like her bright personality. So I made her this journal!

maddie02  maddie01

And I’d love to make one for your special person getting baptized. I’ll plug in your name and scripture to this design. All you have to do is hand over a few bucks. 🙂

Journal is 5.5×8″
70 pages
Custom Cover with name and scripture
Wire Bound
Lined Pages

Since journals are customized, they each have their own flare, including a rough grungy texture.



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