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How to be a Fox for Halloween

The super-easy, ready-to-go, last-minute Halloween costume. Buy a costume, feed a baby! Your purchase helps a NICU baby get human milk!

How to be a fox

Buy the ears:

Buy Christmas tree for toddler

Buy the tail:

Buy Christmas tree for toddler

I Used 1/4 Teaspoon Breast Milk to Make a ‘Thank You!’ Greeting Card

BreastCardEver - Well Thanks

I’m a little nervous to put this into the universe, but it’s so awesome, I have to. Go easy, haters.

I learned that you can paint beautiful things with milk. And since I love making prints without a computer, I was totally going to do it. Then my genius hubs said “Would it work with breast milk?” Continue reading “I Used 1/4 Teaspoon Breast Milk to Make a ‘Thank You!’ Greeting Card”

Rockstar Baby Shower Invitation

Having a baby and naming him Axel? Or Tori? My friend Jenn is, so we made her a rockstar invitation to her shower!

Get your own customized, printable version to print on your own printer, or send to a local printer:

Buy Christmas tree for toddler

World Continents. In Felt. For Toddlers or Ignorant Adults.


We know the continents! And we’ve color-coded this set to Montessori. My girls love putting up the labels and continents on the big blue ocean. Did you know felt sticks to felt so nicely? Just the right amount of hold to stay, and not fall, but loose enough that they can easily move around.

Crafts from Em Is Crafty

DIY type? Buy the pattern and make it yourself! Get felt (on bolts or by the sheet) from your local craft store, or Amazon (I ❤ Amazon!)


Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl going to the bathroom?

Because the P is silent!


Crafts from Em Is Crafty

What did the earth say to the sun?

You’re the light of my life. ❤


Crafts from Em Is Crafty

Toddler-Friendly Felt Christmas Tree.

Toddler = pint-size dictator with the uncanny ability to push you towards utter insanity (theStir). I am NOT putting up a real tree with electricity and string lights. 🙂

Instead? This toddler-friendly Christmas tree.

Felt Christmas Tree for Toddler

Buy Christmas tree for toddler

Is this my favorite graduation gift ever?

Yes! Because it’s cash … packaged uniquely. A money-lei. Why wasn’t this a thing when I got my bachelor’s degree? Does someone want to get me one even though I graduated forever ago?

Graduation Gift - Cash Lei

Graduation Gift - Cash Lei

And seriously. Look how awesome my brother is getting his Master’s degree. Before he got to Dental School, he said, ‘meh, guess I’ll get a Master’s degree.’ In a year. Rockstar Brother.

Custom Graduation Gift - Cash Lei


Option to buy available during graduation season (April – July).

What does the Jess Fox say?

I want my mummy!

What does the Jess Fox say

Want a pair? Head to Etsy!


My Clumsy Mom gets an Indestructible Recipe Book

My cute mom is a self-proclaimed klutz. As in, move so quickly, you accidentally throw the cook book in the oven with the meal, type-of-klutz. On the plus side, she gets many things done, quickly. Well, the cook book thing has happened more than once. And even when it doesn’t, it ends up looking like this: Continue reading “My Clumsy Mom gets an Indestructible Recipe Book”

For those times when you are REALLY grateful.

Sometimes someone does something for you that is huge and super and wonderful, and it makes your life even more awesome. And when they do it, you want to tell them thanks, but that Hallmark card just ain’t gonna cut it. What do you do? I’ll tell you what you do. You make an expandable folding card to show that you are very grateful. Like this:

Thank you card

And then you send it off in the mail to let them know that you are capable of sending a hand-written letter in the age of digital. They’ll appreciate it, my mama told me so.

$4 + $1 shipping


Too much $? Buy the printable thank you card.

Baptism Gift – Custom Journal

My cute cute cousin Maddie just got baptized! Look how cute she is – awww!

And I wanted to get her a cute baptism gift. What to get for a cute little 8 year old LDS girl? On a budget? In a time crunch? I decided to make her a journal. Not just any journal, a customized journal, with a scripture on it. I also gave her some nail polish, so I wanted the scripture to be  something about sparkly or shiny, like her bright personality. So I made her this journal!

maddie02  maddie01

And I’d love to make one for your special person getting baptized. I’ll plug in your name and scripture to this design. All you have to do is hand over a few bucks. 🙂

Journal is 5.5×8″
70 pages
Custom Cover with name and scripture
Wire Bound
Lined Pages

Since journals are customized, they each have their own flare, including a rough grungy texture.



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