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What to do when 5 bags of Breast Milk are about to go bad.

Don’t cry over spilt milk. Unless it is breast milk. Then cry as long as you want. Then figure out a plan. So it wasn’t spilt milk in this case, but 5 bags left out overnight. At least they were in a cooler, but now had a 24 hour expiration date, instead of 6 months. I could either pump all day (bleh, no thanks, pumping is one of my least favorite things ever), dump them out (not a chance, this stuff is liquid gold!), OR try something I’ve wanted to try for forever. Like, forever, for at least the last month. Make cookies with breast milk! But I’m in the middle of a muscle gain challenge, so no cookies for me. Next best thing: Alfredo sauce over pasta and chicken! (Full disclosure, I wrote this when I was breastfeeding lots of years ago, and am finally just publishing it cuz I still believe that breast milk is awesome!)

Step 1

You’ll never believe the first step. Find a recipe (like this one) and …

Wait for it, drum roll … 

Replace cream/milk with breast milk. I know, mind-blowing.

Step 2

Make the Alfredo sauce. I’m assuming y’all are crunchy and pinteresty enough to find the resources to do this on your own. We ended up using mostly breast milk, plus a little bit of cream. Probably good for muscle gain, right?? 🙂 Since the breast milk was less creamy than cream (bah-dum-dum!), we cooked it a little longer.

Step 3

Eat the sauce. On top of noodles, or toast, or potatoes, or cheetos. Not judging. Are you ready for this? It’s going to taste like …

Wait for it, drum roll … 

Alfredo sauce! Again, mind-blowing.

But really. It’s milk. Mine happens to be a little sweeter than cow’s milk.

I’ve considered myself a little bit crunchy for a while now. I think this new story/event/adventure/whatever launches me into the full on hippie category with no way to turn back.


The crazy stuff in my brain that may or may not belong in a blog:

I try to get answers by experimenting in life like this. This whole adventure seemed to raise more questions than answers. Why are some humans grossed out by breast milk? But why is it okay to feed it to our babies? Why was food connoisseur Gordon Ramsey repulsed by breast milk? (Well besides knowing how to get a reaction and ratings). How is cow’s/goat’s milk less disgusting than human milk? How long has human milk been “gross”? Will it ever be normal? How long will it take to become normal? Have  you consumed breast milk as an adult? I’d love a comment below from you!


Conclusion #1: Breast milk is milk. And delish.

Conclusion #2: You can support this post by heading over to my etsy shop, where you can buy greeting cards originally painted with breast milk, or felt walls that are great gifts for toddlers (totally unrelated to this post, but this is my main gig these days! All sales support my cute family of 4). And all sales help NICU babies get this liquid gold.

Making Glue with Breast Milk. It’s weird, I know.

I had one bag of frozen breast milk left. Three ounces of a drink, but it represented a year of breastfeeding my first babe, and two years of breastfeeding my second babe. All the emotions. Lots of moms make jewelry from milk to commemorate this achievement. That’s not quite weird enough for me. In fact, the paintings I make with breast milk aren’t even weird enough. What’s weirder than milk jewelry and painting with breast milk? I made glue with the proteins from my last bag of milk. Milk that my body made to feed my beautiful babies. Then used the glue as papier-mâchĂ© to build a topographical map of Soldier Hollow in Midway, Utah. The place where I discovered my strength. Continue reading “Making Glue with Breast Milk. It’s weird, I know.”

Airport Bathroom + 3-Year-Old. How Things Usually Go.

As anyone who has potty trained knows, public restrooms are worse than the political bickering in my facebook feed right now. But somehow, in the LAX airport restroom, my 3-year-old had me (and everyone else in the bathroom) in tears laughing.

It happened here:


It went like this: Continue reading “Airport Bathroom + 3-Year-Old. How Things Usually Go.”

New Thank You Cards – Painted with Breast Milk

You know the drops of breast milk left in the pump after you pump? I paint with them! The latest designs:

BreastCardEver - cards painted with breast milk

The best part? For every craft you buy from EmIsCrafty, you help a NICU baby get human milk.

Your turn! Go paint with milk (cow, breast, goat, whatever!) It’ll be white on white, hard to see, but you can do it! When your masterpiece is complete, bake it up (400 for 3-5 minutes), and share your art! @emiscrafty #emiscrafty

Check out these creations from miss Lila and Hannah, age 7 & 4!

painting with breast milk

Want to see all the things I’ve painted? Check out my etsy shop full of greeting cards!

Greeting Card Giveaway (25 pack) – No April Fools! (Winner Announced)

EVERY april fools day, my mom gets me. It’s always funny (except when it involves food!!). Like this morning, when she texted to say her car wouldn’t start and she needed a ride. Insert hashtag of choice. #sucker #gullible #everystinkingyear.

Continue reading “Greeting Card Giveaway (25 pack) – No April Fools! (Winner Announced)”

The Funny Conversation about Breast Milk that I have with my husband from time to time.

I have a conversation with my husband here and there. It goes like this:


Me: Next time there are a few drops of breast milk that are going to go bad, save them. I have some new paint ideas.

Hubs: Yes mamm

This is a weird conversation to have, right?

WHY!!? One night, I learned you can paint with milk. Then between my husband’s innovative mind, and my own crazy (or maybe just sleep-deprived) mind, we decided to try it with breast milk, and it turns out it works just the same! Ask your grandma and aunts if they ever painted with milk, it seems to have been a popular day-care activity back in the day.

How do I paint with milk? I grab milk, (the drops left in the bottle after I pump are enough), grab a brush, grab some paper and go. It’s white on white,  but when thrown in the oven for 4 minutes at 400, it turns this beautiful golden color. Then I load it into photoshop, change up the colors, move everything around, and send to a printer.

painting with breast milk

What do I paint with the few drops of milk that will no longer nourish my baby? Greeting cards. But it gets better: every sale helps a NICU baby get human milk. Check out my etsy shop, with cards, felt walls and more fun crafts.

hey there spring time hello greeting card

This is my latest card creation. A spring-time ‘Hey There’ card, perfect to say hello, I miss you, what’s up, thinking of you. Also great for that birthday party you forgot to get a card for because you were busy being a mom. I feel ya.

Buy a Card, Feed a Baby.

5 Reasons You Should Send a Card for Leap Year

It’s leap year guys!! It only happens once every 4 years! Are you celebrating? Are you having a party? Are you sending out greeting cards? I know what you’re thinking. Who sends greeting cards? And for leap year, at that. Here are 5 reasons you should!

5 reasons to send a leap year card

  1. It will help you sleep. No, really, stay with me. If inside your card, you include some gratitude (ex. Mom! Thanks for raising me to be crafty, I’m so happy I have an extra day to craft this year!), you’ll receive many benefits, like better sleep, less pain, improved mood and more.
  2. Karma. You get what you give. Nothing happens by chance. What goes around, comes around. You know the gig.
  3. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Want a more loving, more thoughtful, more caring world? Send a loving, thoughtful and caring card to someone you like.
  4. business-cardIf you’re a business, it will help build customer loyalty. A Leap Day card will stand out among the barrage of traditional holiday cards (and the bills!)
  5. Maintain relationships. Do you have friends you think about, but rarely make the time to call/text/email? Take an extra 5 minutes to send them an obscure Leap Year card. It could start a fun conversation.
  6. BONUS! You get to practice your hand-writing!

So what kind of card do you get for leap year? Here’s a BreastCardEver that works for birthdays, Christmas, graduation, Valentine’s day, Leap Day, and more. In fact, it works for EVERY holiday. But it may not be appropriate for MIL. Recipient should probably, maybe have some sort of sense of humor.

Happy Leap Year!

Buy a Card, Feed a Baby.

12 Facts About Micro-Preemies, Preemies and Full-Term Babies

Did you know that a micro preemie sometimes eats only 1 oz of milk a day!!? That means in 8 days, they’ll have consumed 1 cup of milk! I am lucky enough to have 2 full-term babies that eat much more than that. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky, and I wanted to find a way to help. Keep reading to learn more about micro preemies, and learn about my cause!

micropreemie preemie fullterm baby facts

What is a micro preemie?

A baby born before 26 weeks or weighing less than one pound, 12 ounces is considered a micro preemie. Sometimes, this definition includes babies weighing less than Continue reading “12 Facts About Micro-Preemies, Preemies and Full-Term Babies”

Lots of Indians died. Lots of Turkeys died. But don’t worry. I won’t kill you. Happy Thanksgiving.

That’s what my sister told me to put on my thanksgiving cards hahah! She is hilarious. Perhaps it isn’t appropriate for a greeting card? So this instead. 🙂

An addition to the BreastCardEver series, this turkey helps you say ‘Happy Thanksgiving!” Then it helps a NICU baby get human milk!

happy thanksgiving card - turkey design

Buy a Card, Feed a Baby.



The BreastCardEver helps NICU babies get human milk! Read all about the BreastCardEver.

Buy Christmas tree for toddler


Printable also helps NICU babies get human milk! Read all about the cause.

Buy Christmas tree for toddler

Infographic to help decide if you should paint with breast milk.

Have you ever asked yourself if you should use oil paint, a sharpie, or breast milk to make art? Wait, you haven’t? Oh. Well, I realize this is a little weird! It’s kind of an extreme form of art. But it’s okay! Because it’s all going to a greater cause: getting human milk to NICU babies in need! Buy a card, feed a baby.

Should you paint with breast milk? Infographic

Still want to know more about the BreastCardEver? Read the FAQs! Then buy a card today from my Etsy shop!



Sarcastic or Sincere? You Decide. And Good Luck With That!

New baby? New promotion? Friend who has decided to date a coworker? Tell them ‘good luck’ with the latest BreastCardEver.

goodluck | BreastCardEver

The BreastCardEver helps NICU babies get human milk! Read all about the BreastCardEver.

Buy Christmas tree for toddler

I Used 1/4 Teaspoon Breast Milk to Make a ‘Thank You!’ Greeting Card

BreastCardEver - Well Thanks

I’m a little nervous to put this into the universe, but it’s so awesome, I have to. Go easy, haters.

I learned that you can paint beautiful things with milk. And since I love making prints without a computer, I was totally going to do it. Then my genius hubs said “Would it work with breast milk?” Continue reading “I Used 1/4 Teaspoon Breast Milk to Make a ‘Thank You!’ Greeting Card”

BreastCardEver FAQs

I’m confused. What is a BreastCardEver?

It’s a greeting card that supports NICU babies that need human milk. Did you know that 90% of donated human milk goes to premature or ill babies? Every sale helps feed a baby! Continue reading “BreastCardEver FAQs”

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